Sleeping Beauty – Tchaikovsky – Prince Désiré Variation


Prince Désiré variation from Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky

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Sleeping Beauty is a classic ballet that tells the enchanting and timeless fairy tale of a young princess named Aurora. The story begins with the celebration of Aurora’s birth and her christening, during which fairies bestow various gifts upon her. However, an evil fairy named Carabosse, who was not invited to the celebration, places a curse on the princess. She foretells that on Aurora’s 16th birthday, she will prick her finger on a spindle and fall into a deep, eternal sleep.

Despite the curse, the Lilac Fairy intervenes and softens the curse, promising that Aurora will not die but will only fall into a deep slumber. On her 16th birthday, Aurora encounters a mysterious spindle and pricks her finger, fulfilling the curse. The Lilac Fairy, true to her promise, casts a spell to put the entire kingdom to sleep, ensuring that they will all awaken when Aurora does.

A hundred years pass, and a prince named Florimund, with the guidance of the Lilac Fairy, embarks on a quest to rescue Aurora. He defeats Carabosse and awakens the slumbering princess with a kiss. The ballet culminates in a grand wedding celebration for Aurora and Florimund, uniting the two young lovers and bringing joy and harmony to the kingdom.



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